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Campground Marketing

We offer a very diverse marketing plan for our campground listings. We can effectively market campgrounds both confidential and non-confidential listings. Our marketing efforts include:

  • Representation at any sport / vacation / home buyer shows that we normally attend in Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford and Chicago areas.
  • Advertising in multiple print publications distributed to 600 locations throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois.
  • Website Marketing: Representation on more than a dozen websites including 6 dedicated to commercial listings and another dedicated to recreational / commercial listings. In the case of a confidential listing, we provide enough information to let a potential buyer know the basics without disclosing the location or any other confidential information.
  • Direct mailers to a list of potential buyers currently interested in purchasing a Campground, RV Park or Resort. Thanks to our aggressive marketing efforts, this list continues to grow steadily.
  • A “Virtual Tour” of your property to be included (as allowed by the sellers) in all MLS sites that allow this feature to be linked to their respective websites.
  • Two full-time agents working specifically for you to bring you a buyer as soon as possible and to sell your property for the highest possible price. We also work closely with commercial lenders to help insure a successful sale.